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Universal Business Support

We are confident that you can handle any task with good support. To succeed you need to plan your business with the right people and professionals.

Universal Business Support provides individual solutions for clients out of such services as accounting, taxation, audit, business advisory and consultancy services. We offer innovative solutions from our experts, and we proud of ourselves with the ability to have effective results.



Universal Business Support  brings together many leading international, independent accounting firms, business consultants and professional accountants to enable them to provide services of the highest professional standards for its clients. For many years members of our Association provide quality cutting-edge advice and solutions needs of clients with international business interests.

To have your business in the international markets, to expand it, You need to deal with professionals. For the rapid development of your company and confidence in the success, You need to know that the people who support you and give you advice, know local markets, rules and regulations.

If you are an existing customer, you are the part of the Association of companies from around the world. We know how to help overcome the difficulties with business expansion.

Universal Business Support provides your business with access to the resources of offices in more than 20 countries. Our experienced consultants in each country can provide you a full range of accounting services and practical advice. Importantly, we know the local culture, understand the rules for business and will connect you with the local suppliers.

When you work with us you are first. If you are with us you will get the best accounting and private solutions you expect for your company. Our team will support you friendly and effective.

What’s more, this team will help with not only for one year, but as long as you need even for several years. We are proud of ourselves that we have good relationships with a lot of companies for a long time.

Universal Business Support unites the many companies that help in the field of accounting, audit, tax and management consulting. Universal Business Support itself does not provide such services. Each company is an independent legal, financial and administrative entity, practising under the laws of the country where it is based. These companies are locally owned and operated, and each of them is responsible for its obligations. No company is responsible for the services or activities of others. Members of Universal Business Support, which include Universal Business Support in the Name of their firm are classified as Network firms in compliance with EU requirements and the International Federation of accountants.



Our goal is to help our independent members to grow and strengthen in their practices by providing resources at the international level in order to expand their services and to help their clients and potential clients to discover new tools and services, to assist them in their activities and to provide them with new opportunities to improve their business.

To achieve success in Your business, we perform the following steps:

  • We take time to understand your business, what drives you, where you want to go, your business strategy and unique needs. We ask the questions. We listen again. Then we find the answers.
  • We understand the business, starting with the seed of an idea. Business is an adventure, and we'll help You ride the ups and downs at the top. We will make sure that you are using all the possible ways to set you up for success.
  • We have experience in various industries. Our customers come from a variety of professions and industries, including technology and digital startups, commercial and indigenous corporations.
  • We are focused on a long-term relationships and from the beginning, we consider ourselves as a part of your business. We are responsible and responsive, we are quick in search of innovative solutions.

If you want to work and develop your business on the international level, we can help you to get there through our international business networks.

How to set up a business?

It was never easy to establish a company in Europe, due to prevailing of continental law system and old proven tradition. But today with our help, the company can be set up just in time to serve you as a business tool.

All our employees are qualified professionals. We are proud of providing good value, quality and great customer service. We ensure that the procedure is as simple for our clients as  compliant with local and international Anti-Money Laundering regulations and provisions.

The company provides all services on behalf of clients. Over the years we have provided our services to thousands of companies by rendering wide array of  services from tax assistance to drawing up business plans.




Legal support and accounting

Outsourcing business needs can be an effective way for organizations to improve efficiency within their organization.  With a net of professional partners all over the Europe, we provide a wide range of corporate services to help businesses successfully achieve its objectives.

We provide extensive accounting services to both the local companies and the companies involved in cross border transactions, holding and finance activities.
Our accountants are in charge of the preparation of the accounting records and financial statements. We ensure that our clients are administered in the most effective way, offering the services of administration, completion and submission of VAT and VIES forms.




Сonsulting services

After easy start we help the freshly incorporated company to rent the office, hire personnel, and set up Information Technology  and Communication systems. 


The audit enables our professionals to review your financial operations and make constructive suggestions about improvements and best practice that will enhance your business performance. In such a way we also help management of your company to identify and control business risks. 

Internal audit plays a valuable role in providing assurance which is controlled in place and operated effectively so that financial and other corporate risks are lowed and managed. Internal audit can also be outsourced from clients to member companies.




Management Consulting

Our specialists provide also a service to the clients in the area of international assignments. Particular areas in which these skills are focused are in strategy development and management. Practical advice is available for clients who want to establish overseas operations, they can select an appropriate overseas location taking into account management objectives, market conditions, taxation and other factors that affect their success.

Business restructuring

A full range of services for organisations and individuals in financial difficulty. In addition to the formal procedures, the objective advice and assistance is provided to the client in order to help him/her to  meet the financial commitments.

Forensic accounting and litigation support

In situations when our clients are involved in disputes, whether in their domestic market or at international level, our specialists provide analysis and reporting services to support litigation and the resolution of disputes.

Compliance checks and financial analysis

That may be required for different reasons. Our experts have strong track records in establishing and valuing a company or other business structure. Our reports are used to support litigation or negotiations with the tax authorities.

Fraud prevention and detection

How to protect yourself from fraud? Universal Business Support provides consultations on the prevention and detection of fraud whether it is performed using traditional methods or via the Internet.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Our risk management specialists take into account not only financial risks, but also areas including operations, resources and reputation that can have a significant impact on the success of the organization.



You may chooses to work anywhere for an hour, day, week, month, or years. We provide wide range of options: from a private office for 1 person to regular office space for as many employees your need. All offices are equipped with modern furniture, office equipment (copier, fax etc) and have access to Wi-Fi broadband internet. In addition, you may use the meeting room and other facilities of business center.


Become a member of the Universal Business Support and you will have access to an international group of leading international, independent accounting firms, business consultants and professional accountants that have similar goals and commitments for the requirements of international clients. You will be able to develop their businesses through the exchange of professional, technical and practice management information. Cooperation with the Universal Business Support will enhance international opportunities for your business.

Universal Business Support is one of the world’s fast growing associations of international, independent accounting firms, business consultants and professional accountants . Participants are able to participate fully in the Association's activities and support international and regional conferences and training seminars.
Expand your business, become a member of the Universal Business Support. You only need to contact us for further information on info @
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